All you have to know about EE AMR-100
If you have any doubts about the EE AMR-100 project make sure you read the faqs. For any further request, our technical office is at your disposal for clarification

How many tons per day can EE AMR 100 process?

EE AMR-100 can process up to 5,5 tons per day of waste

To increase the processing capacity can I put more than 1 plant in series?

Yes! You can put up to 10 EE AMR-100 in series for a total capacity of 55 tons per day.

Does the waste have to be separated by type in order to be processed or can they be mixed?

The waste can also be processed mixed. The resulting by-products will differ according to what you put in.

What does the EE AMR-100 produce from processing waste?

The EE AMR-100 produces electrical energy, thermal energy, synoil, syngas and ashes.

Can I use the by-products produced?

Certainly. The electrical energy can be used directly for your own purposes or if you have the possibility you can sell it back into the national grid at a profit. The thermal energy can be used direct to heat your environments or it can be used to drive turbines or power vapor driven machinery. With an optional extra unit thermal energy can be transformed into refrigeration for air conditioning or other cooling requirements. Synoil can used directly for industrial machinery purposes, heating oil or if refined can be transformed into fuel for transport purposes. Ashes derived from high carbon content biomass can be treated and activated to become active carbon, a product that is used a lot in the cosmetic industry and in the production of filters.

How long does it take to setup EE AMR-100?

Once all the parts are on site installation will take approximately 30 days to get it up and running.

How many working hours does the EE AMR-100 guarantee?

The production hours of the plant, provided there is enough biomass available for the full production cycles, are 8,000 / year. Periodically, the EE AMR-100 will have to undergo regular maintenance work, which, combined with production hours, come to 8,760 hours per year.

What warranty is provided?

EE AMRE-100 has a 3-year warranty product and 20 years on production cycles.

What warranty is provided? How often does maintenance have to be performed?

Basic maintenance work is required weekly; such as cleaning the various chamber passageways and cogenerator. Maintenance.  Extraordinary maintenance operations are provided once every 6 years and are carried out by Equus Energy specialty maintenance technicians.


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EE AMR 100 produces energy and useful by-products from the processing of organic and inorganic waste.

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