Equus Energy
Energy from Waste
Equus Energy distributes an innovative product called EE AMR_100. Made in Russia , the EE AMR-100 produces Energy and other by-products from the clean processesing of organic and inorganic waste .

Why Equus Energy

Equus Energy takes shape early in 2016 when the know-how of five professionals meet to give birth to a world wide project. Five businessmen who decide to merge their knowledge in their fields to first pursue an ideology and then a project. Recycle waste and producing energy means overcoming the current problems that face the world and that of our ecosystem.

A winning project

The experience and research of top Russian innovators has given light to a unique product in its kind, capable of combining performance and compactness, giving the possibility to all waste producers to give value to their waste through an anaerobic process of molecular transformation called pyrolysis and which, in addition to energy, transforms biomass into crude fuel (synoil), light gas (syngas) and ash that is transformable into active carbon and inert materials for various industrial uses.

Added value

An Innovative machine, currently only known exclusively to the Russian market, that Equus Energy has the challenging task of making known to the world. A technological jewel whose intrinsic value is invaluable. Thanks to AMR-100 it is now possible to have small centers of waste disposal and not agglomerated urban landfill sites and big waste collection point, tall smoky chimneys that incinerate waste and create pollution. ZERO EMISSIONS are the two words we say with pride. Equus energy's technical and commercial staff are the heart of this young company's personality, but with well-established international experience in the renewable energy and commercial fields .

Our target

Equus Energy's technical and commercial staff are at the heart of this young company, but with a well-established international experience. Consolidated technical and commercial know-how aimed at implementing an idea and a product that is designed to improve an important aspect of everyday life . EE AMR-100 is the spearhead of our small revolution for a greener future.